R is for Routine but also for Ritual. Alkistis Venetopoulou, transforms the self care routine into a ritual.

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What attracted me this time, for create this interview, was the synergy of purity, aesthetics & quality, as well as the fact that such a daily routine element - as the soap is - it is transformed into a ritual element.

I feel intensely happy, every time people perceive and appreciate the true essence of simple "elements", that surround us in everyday life evolving those elements, in such a way, where honour their true value.

Cleansing is part of everyday life. Although it is considered a routine, means so much more for our body, soul and our mind.

For all of the above, I contacted Alkistis Venetopoulou, the owner of Alchemia Soaps. I understood that she is aware of this aspect of mindfulness and even more she managed to bring in life a product that could make people think - and to rethink - that cleansing shouldn't be a harsh routine but a whole ritual concept.

The 6 questions by Twelve Winks:

1. The design, the quality and the purity of Alchemia Soaps, give a deep sense of cleansing ritual. What was the feeling and the thought for creating such a product?

2. Alchemia Soaps brand, is a proof that we could find art in everyday routine. From where do you get inspiration concerning the design and the natural colors of your products?

3. A person who thinks in such a mindful way for a simple but so important - in many ways - procedure, as the cleansing is, most probably is mindful in so many other ways in everyday life. Could you tell us, what is your philosophy for everyday life?

4. Which is your most favourite alchemy, concerning your soaps but also your life in general?

5. I deeply believe that contradictions create harmony, applying to everything. Have you create any product based on contradictory elements? If yes, what was the result? If no, could you create right now, in your mind, an interesting contradictory alchemy?

6. What raises your serotonin?

By listening Alkistis answering my 6 questions, you could feel her gentle philosophy of caring ourself in a more respectful way.


The photos are from Alchemia Soap's photo library.

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